Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition that affects almost everyone in some capacity. It usually has symptoms of burning, dryness, tired eyes, fluctuation in vision, excess tearing, and the feeling of sand or grit in the eye. The symptoms are usually worse toward the evening. Smoke, heat, wind, low humidity or prolonged use of the eye (computer, TV, video games, etc.) make dry eye worse. Usually the tear film in the eye is very low and the tears evaporate very quickly. The newest technology in detecting dry eye is the Tear Lab. This is a laboratory test of the tears that determines the tears' osmolarity (salt content). The more salt the tears have the dryer the eye is. When the Tear Lab reads a high osmolarity the patient has worsening of the symptoms of dry eye. Dry Eye can be treated with several different medications and life style changes. These include eye drops, supplements and oral medications. Dry eye can be detected at your yearly routine eye examination. Here at Texas Eye Center, we are proud to say that we are one of few offices that has the Tear Lab and we can test your tears if you are having any dry eye symptoms. If you have symptoms of dry eye a treatment plan will be designed especially for you.


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